JUN 2019

Beautiful image of ‘Gerês Media Unit’ by the Brand Wewood – Portuguese Joinery

MAR 2019


Seminar ‘Recriar o futuro com os fios do passado’ in the 3rd year of the Product Design, an initiative ESMAD

Mar 2019

Talk about ‘PRISMA – Statement’ in a curricular unit of the 1st Year of Doctorate, an initiative FLUP

Dec 2018


Participation as a speaker in the event ‘III Designers | Estudos | Palestras’, an initiative IDEGUI

Jun 2018


‘Design of a Smart Garment for Cycling’, a RESEARCH PROJECT at 2C2T-LAB2PT-TSSIPRO-AMR-JC-RL3-2017

MAY 2018

Participation as a speaker in the event ‘2º Encontro de alunos e ex-alunos de Design de Produto’, an initiative IPVC

FEV 2018


Launch ‘SS18 Cycling Socks’ by the brand SAYGRRR! – READY TO RIDE

Jan 2018

Invitation to evaluate the project presentation od the 2nd year of Product Design, an initiative IPVC

Jan 2018


Launch ‘Gerês Media Unit’ by the brand Wewood – Portuguese Joinery

Dec 2017


Participation as a speaker in the event ‘DRIVE – DESIGN RELATED INVESTIGATION’, an initiative ESMAD

Jun 2017


Participation in the organization of a workshop for the Casa da Música Educational Service, the result was a stage set for the ‘PIANO CAOS’ show

May 2017


Exhibition ‘POLYFORMS – open artifact to new design’ at Museu Nogueira da Silva, an initiative LDP / EAUM

Dec 2016

‘Shoe display system’, A Research Project at UM-TECMINHO-AAMetalomecânica

Jul 2013


Participation in the project ‘DAPANELA’, Development a tablecloth – GRID

JUN 2012

Participation as a speaker in the event ‘WANTED 2012’, an initiative ESEIG / IDEGUI

Dec 2011

Talk about ‘Design do Produto’ in the 2nd year of the Product Design, an initiative IPVC